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City Different Realty is a founding member of the Independent Brokers Network (IBN). IBN is made up of top-producing brokers who have gained their expertise in the unique real estate market of Santa Fe through years of active participation. By our affiliation we increase opportunities for our clients and produce results by sharing market information and promoting our listings.

Local Information

Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce
Climate and Weather




Motor Vehicles Division (505) 827-4636

Public Schools (505) 982-2631
Main Library (505) 955-6880
Post Office (505) 988-6351
Senior Citizens Program (505) 955-4720
Landlord Tenant Hotline (505) 983-8447


There are numerous competitors in the marketplace for services.  Although we cannot be responsible for the several individuals and companies listed below,  we do know that they have been utilized in the past by other home owners.  Each should be happy to provide you with a list of past clients to assist you in making your decision.  Prior to making your decision you will want to carefully consider the reputation and availability of each company or service provider.

Our list of providers and recommendations is to be considered as a service to you and not as an endorsement or guarantee of the services they provide.

Home Inspectors

Well/Water Inspectors

Septic Inspectors

Pest Inspectors

Indoor Air Quality

  • CERL (505) 988-4143

Environmental Issues

Bus: 505.988.4143
Fax: 505.982.6759
Mold, Air, Phase I

Service Master
John Sternenburg
Bus: 505.474.4501
Cell: 505.469.0719

Healthy Living Spaces
369 Montezuma, Santa Fe
Bus: 505.992.9904
Mold, Air

Hand Engineering
1216 Parkway Dr. #B
Santa Fe, NM
Bus: 505.473.7373
Structural, Phase I

Go Green NM
Bus: 505.474.3627
Seer energy inspections

Amanda Evans
P.O. Box 1686 Santa Fe, NM 87504
Cell: 505.690.2603

Servpro of NE Albuquerque
2521 Quincy Street NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Fax: 505.268.6810


Radon Testing and Remediation

New Mexico Radon Services,
Thomas E. Thies
8308 Marquette NE, #4
Albuquerque, NM 87108

Indoor Radon and Remediation Services,
Fermin Lopez
5 West Guerrez
Santa Fe, NM 87506

Duran Radon Testing & Mitigation,
Adam Duran
45 White Sands Blvd.
Santa Fe, NM 87506

Mortgage Companies

  • The Mortgage Place - Ginger Bowe Sullivan (505) 986-9080
  • New Mexico Bank and Trust - Nancy Armstrong (505) 946-2578


  • Los Alamos National Bank (505) 984-5400
  • First State Bank (505) 982-6000
  • Washington Federal (505) 946-6500
  • Century Bank (505) 995-1200
  • New Mexico Bank and Trust (505) 946-2500
  • Wells Fargo (505) 984-0500
  • Bank of America (505) 473-8211
  • First National Bank (505) 992-2000
  • Del Norte Credit Union - 505.455.4663

Title Companies

  • Prima Title (505) 984-1884
  • Fidelity National Title (505) 995-8800
  • Territorial First American (505) 982-8113
  • Southwest Title and Escrow (505) 946-2900
  • Stewart Title (505) 982-5582
  • Rio Grande Title (505) 988-2233
  • Title Guaranty (505)984-5480

Real Estate Info


Electricity Information
The Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) is the only local electric company. PNM is 2025 Pacheco St., 473.3200. Walk-in centers are open from 8 am to 5 pm. People with good credit don't always need a deposit to start service with PNM, which provides electricity. Turning on electricity costs $19; hooking up to natural gas costs $63 if the gas is off but $30 if services are being transferred. If a deposit is required, it can be 1.5 times the highest bill at your new address.

Gas Information
The New Mexico Gas Company is at 2041 South Pacheco St., 1-888.664-2726. Walk-in centers are open from 8 am to 5 pm. The deposit for turn on is based on address. Hooking up to natural gas costs $63 if the gas is off but $30 if services are being transferred. If a deposit is required, it can be 1.5 times the highest bill at your new address.

In the city of Santa Fe, garbage is picked up weekly at a cost of $12.78 a month. To verify your pickup day, call 955.2200 or visit the city's Solid Waste Management Division, 1142 Siler Road, 8 am to 5 pm weekdays. Bags are to be placed at the curb on the day of pickup, not the night before, and many city residents use trash cans for automated pickup. For other loads - green wastes, appliances or tires - city residents can take trash to the Buckman Road Recycling Transfer Station. The phone number for the transfer station is 820-0208. More information about the city trans service is available at Click on city services / solidwaste / transfer state, or go to, the site for Solid Waste Management Agency. Information about county transfer stations, where county residents take their garbage, is available at 992.3010.

Most local phone service is provided by Century Link, while rural areas often have telephone cooperatives. Information on rates and other matters in available at If you haven't had service in New Mexico before, be aware that some companies charge a deposit that may be held for a year. You can shop for long distance carriers on the Internet or by checking the phone book for other providers.

Inside Santa Fe City limits, water is provided by the city-owned Sangre de Cristo Water Co., 801 w. San Mateo Road, 955-4333. There is no hookup fee or deposit required for service. Call for rates. Do know that Santa Fe is an arid climate and the more water you use, the more you pay. The city limits daytime watering, so be sure to study the rules. To get the most up-to-date rules, call the Water Conservation Information Line, 955.4225. To report violations, call 955.4222.

Water Outside the City
Many communities have formed their own water associations. For more information, call the Santa Fe County Utilities Division, 986.6210.

2009 Water Quality Report:

City of Santa Fe False Alarm Reduction Program
Because false alarms divert law enforcement resources from genuine crime needs and are costly to the community, the City of Santa Fe recently adopted a new false alarm reduction program. The program requires registration of all residential and business alarm systems within the city limits of Santa Fe. Annual registration fees are $25. You can register and update your registration information online by going to where you also find a copy of the new ordinance as well as answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please call the City of Santa Fe False Alarm Reduction Program, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., at (877) 215.4594.

Recycle, Reuse
To recycle, you need two bins: one for mixed materials; the other is just for class. Pick up bins from 8 am to 5 pm Monday througfh Friday at the city facility, 1142 Siler Road. Staff members will give you printed instructions on what items go into the two bins and what items go into your garbage. In Santa Fe, recycled materials are picked up weekly on trash day. For information, call 955.2207.

Mail Services
Homes and businesses have one of 10 ZIP codes. Santa Fe had only two ZIP codes until 2001, when three new numbers added. In 2002, 5 more were added.. When you move in, check with the post office to determine your correct ZIP code. Mail is delivered Monday through Saturday.

Main Branch: 120 South Federal Place 988.2239
DeVargas Center Station: 536 N. Guadalupe Street
Coronado Station: 2071 S. Pacheco Street
Santa Fe Place Station: 4250 Cerrillos Road


"How to Avoid Surprises and Be a Good Neighbor When You’re Buying, Building, and Developing in Santa Fe County" Santa Fe County Code of the West (PDF) »

The New Mexico Office of the State Engineer has teamed up with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to offer the public an expert-recommended interactive plant list on the state engineer's website. The plast list contains low-water-use, native or adaptive plants that thrive in our climate. It is searchable for such criteria as region, plant category, flower color, bloom season, sun exposure and plant size. The plant list can be found at